Enriched Academy was launched back in 2013 after a successful appearance on the TV show Dragons’ Den by co-founders Kevin Cochran and Jay Seabrook. Although they would have loved to appear on the hit TV show MythBustersas well, fact-checking financial advice just didn’t have the mass appeal of learning whether one could survive on a desert island with only a pallet of duct tape.

Undeterred, Kevin and Jay set out to investigate the issue and educate the Canadian public about the most common financial myths out there. After many years on the case, here are their top four.

Myth #1: You need money to make money.
Careful investing is the secret to building wealth and you do need an income to get started, so this myth is not entirely untrue. However, what most people don’t realize is that the amount of money you need to make money can be surprisingly small. Financial guru Dave Ramsey’s research group found in their survey that 70% of millionaires never earned a 6-figure income. Former BC school teacher Andrew Hallam wrote an entire book devoted to how he leveraged a modest teacher’s salary with some basic investing principles to fund an early and very comfortable retirement. Check out his best-selling financial bible the Millionaire Teacher if you are wondering how he did it!

This myth is busted!

Myth #2: Money is too complicated.
Managing your money isn’t complicated, it just that having too little (or too much) leads to a lot of issues that make it seem complicated. Enriched Academy offers plenty of free webinars where you can easily pickup all kinds of financial knowledge with just one-hour of your time. While one short webinar may just get you started, the fact is that mastering a wide variety of money skills doesn’t take as much time or effort as many of the other things we spend time trying to learn. A lot of us spend more time learning how to use some app on our phone or make the perfect pasta sauce than we do learning how to manage our money.

The knowledge required to effectively manage your money is not difficult to learn — this myth is busted!

Myth #3: Investing is too risky.
It might be easy to say this one is true given the abysmal performance of most financial markets in 2022. Investing can be risky, but you can learn how to monitor and adjust your risk to suit your targeted returns, life stage, and other factors affecting your risk tolerance.

Your investing timeline also plays a huge role. Investing for the short-term is always going to be a lot more hit and miss than holding a well diversified portfolio of equities and other financial assets over a number of years. Financial markets have a long history of proven resiliency, and they will recover. Given current inflation and interest rates and the chance they will persist for some time makes investing and even greater priority these days

This myth is busted!

Myth #4: Earning money is more important than saving money.
Careful field research by an endless stream of bankrupt athletes, actors and reality TV has-beens has proven that when it comes to cash, “the more you earn, the more you burn!” The belief that more income is a sure-fire solution to your financial difficulties is busted! Carefully tracking your spending, making wise spending decisions, and adjusting your spending appropriately to “enjoy life more” as your income rises is the golden rule, regardless of how much money you are making.

Money myths can be debilitating and can put all sorts of mental obstacles in your path that just don’t need to be there. Financial literacy will help you separate fact from fiction and give you the right mindset to overcome whatever money beliefs may be holding you back.

Original Post: https://dominionlending.ca/enriched-tips/4-financial-myths