After 10+ year’s in the customer service industry I’ve learned that providing the most efficient, professional and reliable service to customers is vital to meeting their needs and satisfaction. I’ve decided to join Dominion Lending Centres after working in the banking industry. Dominion Lending Centres allows me the opportunity to tap into a wealth of professional knowledge and tools that allow me to provide both sound advice and the intellect to guide my clients in the right direction to get the best mortgage option.

My number one professional goal is to provide individuals and families with outstanding support in securing home financing. I understand that applying for and navigating through the mortgage process can be an overwhelming experience for many, my goal is to provide optimum support through every step of the process with a result of the best mortgage solution to meet client needs.

I devote my time and energy to continuously researching and learning about the mortgage market and trends in the industry. I am committed and passionate about what I do and I strive in providing the utmost integrity, honesty and positivity in all that I do.